Local Birth Stories

Come to one of our monthly Blessingways to hear more positive birth stories!

Elizabeth:  a first time mom at Greer Memorial

Meredith:  catches her own VBAC baby

Claiborne:  a first time mom at Labors of Love birth center

Elizabeth:  a med-free induction at Greer Memorial

Brady:  switches care providers and location at the last minute

Brooke:  a first time mom at Greer Memorial

Bri:  a VBAC homebirth

Noelle:  a first time mom homebirth

Laura:  cabin waterbirth attended by family doctor

Kari:  a first time mom at Oconee Medical Center

Sarah:  a first time mom induced at Greenville Memorial (no pain meds)

Sarah:  a speedy birth at Greenville Memorial

Michelle:  a twin birth (1 head down/1 head up) at Greenville Memorial

Jennifer:  last minute switch to a waterbirth at home

Karla:  Hypnobabies Homebirth with a history of preterm labors.

The Reluctant Homebirthers:  A couple explains their reasons for switching to a homebirth.

Jen:  a first time mom experiences a fast and furious birth at a birth center.

Melissa:  a surprise posterior birth (fifth baby, homebirth)

If you would like to submit your positive birth story, please send it by email to info@upstatebirthnetwork.org.