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Carrie LaChapelle, Hatched:  babycatcher@hatchedathome.com or  (864)  907-6363 contact form

Lisa Aman, New Life Homebirth: dancingmidwife@juno.com or (864) 836-8982

Amy Bixby, Labors of Love Midwifery and Birth Services: contact form or (864) 360-5276

Mereinda Fisher:  (864) 325-7791

Sandy Glen, Carolina Waterbirth:  info@carolinawaterbirth.com or (864) 329-0010

Greenville Midwifery Care (birth center only):  (864) 797-7350

Amy Leland, Blessed Births:  contact form or (864) 233-5513

Jami Morris, Birth by Design:  jmorris@imgservices.com or (803) 920-1014

Rhonda McLain, Labors of Love Midwifery and Birth Services: contact form

Elizabeth Randolph:  nerandolph@hotmail.com or (864) 423-6093

Susan Smartsusan@smartpregnancy.net or (864) 909-0042

Linda Weaver, Labors of Love Midwifery and Birth Center:  contact form or (864) 285-0574

If you are a local midwife who practices mother-friendly care and would like to be listed here, please use our contact form.